netfood® Partner Services

netfood® Quality Management Services release the customer’s resources for core business activities. The services are always worked out according to the customer’s needs. They can be connected with responsibility resources, improving the usability of laboratory procedures and quality know-how, or with the outsourcing of entire quality and laboratory operations.

Leasing of quality personnel

Net-Foodlab Ltd offers the food industry a cost-effective means of reinforcing quality assurance and laboratory resources according to need. The netfood® leasing scheme of quality personnel is often the most effective solution to the need of e.g. laboratory- or quality managers.

Development of laboratory functions

Net-Foodlab Ltd offers comprehensive services for improving the function and profitability of laboratory procedures. The new netfood® Laboratory Analysis has been developed for the needs of industry and public corporations alike.

Outsourcing solutions of laboratory functions

When running a laboratory is not part of company core know-how, it is worth while to consider outsourcing. Net-Foodlab Ltd offers solutions supporting the customer’s business activity, together with data system solutions, for the outsourcing of industrial laboratories and quality assurance.