Net-Foodlab Ltd is offers a comprehensive set of quality management services and products. Our range of products is a unique combination of laboratory and development services, outsourcing solutions, diagnostic systems and rapid hygiene tests.


hygifood® Laboratory Services »

hygifood® Laboratory Services help our customers manage their chemical and microbiological quality control. Our laboratory is FINAS accredited (see here) and the services range from traditional microbiology to bioluminescence and allergen detection.

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netfood® Partner Services »

netfood® Partner Services release our customers' business resources. Comprehensive services - from quality control personnel rental to outsourcing solutions, in quality and laboratory procedures.

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Hygiena Rapid Detection Systems »

Hygiena products include luminometers, ATP tests, hygiene rapid tests and allergene tests. These products provide an effective solution to all testing requirements in the food industry including the testing of product line surfaces, process water and product specimens.


Celsis Luminometer Systems »

Celsis luminometer systems provide an effective testing solution for microbiological quality control in food-, pharma- and cosmetic industries. These rapid detection systems provide fast analysis results and thereby reduce costs.